being human, being social

“Social networking” is all the rage. No surprise, right? It’s more than likely even how you found this article, actually.

But for all the hype, buzz and hoopla ((bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabalo full definition)), being social and networking with people isn’t anything new.  Social networking just found a way to tap into basic, human (or animal) desires and emotions that, I believe, we’ve been cultivating for millions of years:

We’ve been naturally trying to do all of these things for a long, long time; they’re innate to being human.  Technology has enabled us to express them now in a way that is conscise, consolidated and requires much lower effort than before.

And as companies jump on the bandwagon, trying to figure out how they can leverage to make profit directly from a website or indirectly help get their product or service known to more people, I’m puzzled. If a company is just waking up to the fact that they need to address their customer’s needs and values in this way, isn’t that concerning?