one step ahead of the shoe shine

As a professional who has worked in several highly direct client-driven set of industries, the words ‘client satisfaction’ are oft used to measure success. But to what lengths should an individual or a company go to keep the customer satisfied? No answers for now, just a few words of wisdom….

The old saying that the “customer is always right” really … [continued]

uniqlo’s is uniquely unabashed

When moving to a new city, it affords one lots of new opportunities. And I like none more than the process of getting rid of various items during the moving process (a process which in and of itself is actually miserable). The boxes that haven’t been opened and contents touched since the last move. Various collection of corporate giveaways, birthday … [continued]

inefficiencies in large organization

I could have found two working environments that were more extreme, but it wouldn’t have been easy. Moving from 400K employees at IBM to the original 4 employees of an angel-funded startup was certainly an adjustment. But besides my own shock, I became fascinated with other people’s thoughts on why I was so “lucky” to be working with a startup: … [continued]

doing the dishes

“I’m learning something so that I can teach it to someone else so I don’t ever have to do it again.” I recite the mantra to myself over and over. And it’s not that I don’t want to get my hands dirty or avoid work. Nor is it because I am shirking responsibility. But it is the way I think … [continued]

looking for the canary

For our evolutionary accomplishments as humans — opposable thumbs, complex social structures, reality television, etc. — we are remarkably clueless when it comes to our own behavior. Self awareness is prized, but as Robert Sutton mentions in one of the first chapters of his book “Good Boss, Bad Boss“, whatever you think you know you are good at … [continued]

those nasty bugs

For today’s post, an article on software engineering techniques. And if you don’t have a background in technology, this first article is background which should make it accessible to you as well 1.

Often dependent on other mathematical calculations (eg. how many times does X or Y occur in this set of data), these structures must cover ALL … [continued]

how high should I jump?

After a recent experience at a large home improvement store, I began to wonder, given that I’m in the professional services industry, should I be a more “enlightened” consumer than others? Shouldn’t I understand that a services business is a difficult business to be in and I should be a better customer? And yet, I still find myself just as … [continued]

motivating on resolutions

After a long hiatus, I have resumed writing. Although that would imply that I had been in a routine to do so before. And, no, it’s not a new years resolution. If it had been, I would have failed for every year for the past several. And as I watched my friend at post four cartoons and four blog … [continued]

Biz Buzz Words

By now, everyone has probably seen Weird Al Yankovic‘s take on business buzzwords but in case you haven’t…


technology since 2011

As both a potential employer and interviewee, I look in amazement (although not surprise) at the types of positions that are available. Even with an economy of over 9% employment and mixed indicators of growth, the number of open positions in the technology arena are tremendous. And every time I talk with recruiters, I hear the same story: it is … [continued]